INCH Services is a Canada-based company which provides cutting-edge communications consultancy services, branding and reputation management to corporations, businesses, non-profit organisations, government agencies and individuals.

Our mission is to offer the best communications for corporate gain and provide innovative ideas and insights to achieve a premium brand positioning and effective messaging and targeting for our clients. In a world increasingly overrun by noise, we make sure our clients get heard in the right places.

INCH is powered by a team of communications experts drawn from various industries such as advertising, public relations, finance, entertainment, media, website and content development, visual media arts and graphic design. Each member of our team brings their own expertise to the larger pool of talent, which is utilized to provide creative, effective and implementable communication strategies for our clients.


Public Relations are very important to corporate entities, businesses and individuals who maintain a reasonable amount of presence and interact with the public. It is important for these entities to retain their positive perceptions in the minds of people for their ultimate success. Positive perceptions and corporate identity can be created by taking a pro-active or a responsive approach depending upon the requirements of the clients and situations. INCH Services is a PR agency in Canada, with a reputation of developing innovative and effective public relations strategies to help corporations, businesses and individuals develop or re-position their brand, or manage the ir image or reputation. We provide a variety of services including:


We have a team of consultants that can either take up the Public Relations management of your company or train your existing staff. Our experts set target-oriented objectives and see to it that they are seamlessly executed through effective messaging, training for effective message delivery, focused outreach programs and finally, evaluation of measurable results.


The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) underlines the importance of the role of the corporate world to commit themselves to the social welfare and development. The contribution of the corporate to leverage their resources for the benefit of the people goes a long way to develop their virtuous image in the eyes of public at large and stakeholders in particular. CSR is add-on touchstone available to the modern corporate and is also a central part of the strategy to build strong brands. Our team of experts will help you create social responsibility strategy to develop very positive perceptions in the minds of people, and to communicate your efforts to the public.


In this age of media activeness, there is a good chance that the image and reputation of your company have been marred due to adverse factual or malicious reporting. We all know how even a trivial issue can assume astronomical proportions due to the media hype, and this can do huge damage and tarnish the image of an entity. INCH Services is a marketing communications agency with a team of experts to launch a wide campaign of corporate reputation management and calculated PR exercise across different media of communication to contain the negative fallout of the adverse publicity.


You have spent years building your reputation. We know that issues, whether big or small, within or outside the corporation, may arise every now and then. INCH Services adopts innovative approach to Issue Management, ensuring correct identification of problem situations for you and your corporation. We analyse these issues and provide effective and practical solutions.


Crisis communication is the response to a crises situation after it has happened. Crisis communication is a part of crisis management and it forms one of our main corporate services. INCH Services is a leading corporate communications agency with expert services to take both preventive and curative steps to prevent and to contain the damage arising due to crisis situations. We prepare advance contingency plans and communicate problems with the stakeholders and all those who matter. Our team of experts can help you regain your lost positive public image through appropriate media relations, training, strategies, employee relations, community relations and other means.


The media is one of the strongest tools and channels to create constant brand buzz and also consolidate your brand space. Media Relations refers to the relations with the different media persons. INCH Services' Media Relations unit understands the need to build up good media relations for developing suitable corporate image and brand identity. A few good words from the media persons at a trade fair and a little focus on your products or services, all this can set you apart from a number of other participants. The product launches, the press releases, the press conferences and the news from the company are some of the regular ways of company’s interactions with the media. Media Relations unit helps to develop and maintain good relations between our clients and the media. Our approach to developing media relations is based on the premise of truthfulness, honesty and sincerity. There is no attempt to hoodwink or mislead them or even misuse them. We value our relations and that is the reason for sustaining excellent media relations ever since our inception. Our media contacts have been used to give the clients appropriate media coverage for their needs and also the fresh, newsworthy stories for them to bring out on their respective channels of mass communication.


The digital media refers to the electronic media which makes use of the interactive audio-video formats for delivering the required message to the public at large or to some target audience in particular. Some of the most common media mediums are television, radio, computer and internet and other media capable of streaming audio-video output. INCH Services as a digital marketing agency is steadfast in exploring the online communication opportunities. Our team of digital media communication experts offers the following:

  • Research and analysis on the online market segments suited for your brand profile,
  • Research and analysis on product or brand profiles of the competitors,
  • Managing the reputation of the brands, people and the organizations and
  • Advocating or promoting the brands to the internet users.

Our creative team makes innovative ad campaigns for the clients that are run on different media. Our film script writers/editors/managers take the preliminary brief or first cut of a script from a client. The script coordinators then make use of the vast digital photo library at our disposal to tailor the script and prepare visual references and image stocks. Creative inputs are then provided by our creative team to fine-tune the script and our film editorial team prepares the final script. We make commercial promos to run in the interval time.


Our team of web developers offer modern and yet very simple and user-friendly CMS-based websites. Our websites are very easy to navigate and information is easy to find by users. INCH Services specializes in web hosting and website design, graphic design, website content development and optimization, making your business easy to find on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Web Analysis, Audit & Assessment

Our team of experts will analyse your presence across search engines, corporate web sites, blogs and social media and will chart out your activities on the web. We will analyse the parameters of your website for the different types of web marketing initiatives, with special focus on the search engine optimization.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines determine the flow and volume of traffic to your website. The experts at our web development and search engine optimization unit will draft the right plan for you so that the right keywords are incorporated into your web content that generates top rankings for your website. These keywords will be developed based on the target audience and your niche area of operation. With improved ranking on the search engine results pages, we help improve your chances of getting more business.

Social Media Marketing

With social media fast emerging as one of the most engaging and expanding online platforms for businesses, we offer the right social media optimisation strategies as per your specific requirement. Our social media marketing India company makes sure your brand is doing the talking on Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and the like and creating sustainable readerships and taking your brand profile and message to the targeted audience.

Corporate Blogging

It can be safely said that corporate blogging is the new age mantra for marketing corporate strategies and engaging in corporate chatter. We have an expert blogger team that will help you design, create, write, maintain, update and promote your company blog. Using our blog maintaining services, you can share your experiences with the internet users, convey your ideas and engage in gripping discussion on topics and issues of your interest.


Information Technology & Management

  • Website Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Development
  • Data Processes & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Blogging
  • Communications Strategy & Training

Branding & Reputation Management

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Branding & Repositioning
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Media Relations
  • Relations Management
  • Social Responsibility Management
  • Issue Management
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Speech Writing & Editing


Print & Digital Media Solutions

  • Creative Business Paraphernalia
  • Stationery Design & Print
  • Company Advertising
  • Brand Promotion & Communication
  • Event Photo Coverage
  • Event Video Coverage
  • Market Segmentation & Messaging
  • Magazine & Newsletter Publication

Computer Animation & Programming

  • Flash Action Script
  • Java Script
  • HTML and CSS
  • Vector and 3D